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Fasha Sandha

Fasha Sandha
Maya Medina


Sutera Maya

-Blog Hanz TV-

Story of 4 sisters, Maya Medina, Maya Zulaika, Maya Karina & Maya Sofea who are from different mothers with different personalities. The death of her Mother led the eldest sister Maya Medina in search of her other siblings and unite them together in search of their father. Elated to finally meet their father, they were shock to find out that there were more mysteries in him to be untold.
- Sutera Maya -

Cast : Fasha Sandha (Maya Medina), Intan Ladyana (Maya Karina), Ayu Raudhah (Maya Zulaikha), Faezah (Maya Sofea), Mustapha Kamal, Erry Putra, Maria Farida, Liza Abdullah, Fouziah Gous, Irfan, Rebecca Nur Al-Islam

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